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Detailed introduction


AUTOSOPO-AB10 double component gluing machine
The serial number specifications parameter
1 Power demand: Voltage: single-phase 220V plus or minus 5%
Frequency: 50 hz / 60 hz plus or minus 5%
Power consumption: about 1.2KVA
2 Air pressure source requirements: >5KG/CM2     >4L/min
3 Using the environment Place of use: normal indoor
Ambient temperature: - 1 ℃ to + 40 ℃ (indoor storage)
0 ℃ to + 40 ℃ (indoor work)
Humidity: less than 85%RH (no dewdrops) 
Altitude: below 1000 m
Vibration: 10-20hz less than 9.8m/S3
4 Stainless steel storage tank Main VAT 30 l, curing agent 10 l.
5 Storage tank level inspection Low liquid level electrostatic capacitance induction type
6 Storage barrel feeding method Top the side of the cover
7 Defoaming of storage barrel Electric agitator defoaming with vacuum defoaming
8 Gear pump metering device Main agent gear pump 9.0CC curing agent gear pump 1.2CC
9 Proportional range The adjustable ratio is 100:50 ~ 100:10
10 The glue speed 5-10g/sec.(100:10)
11 Minimum glue yield 10CC
12 Measurement error value ±2%
13 The control mode PLC process control, man-machine interface (touch screen)
14 The glue way Continuous release and quantitative release
15 Binary mixture Static mixing
16 The plastic gun moves the maximum distance 2m
17 Equipment dimensions 800*950*1850MM