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Detailed introduction


   一、Equipment function and introduction
 A .Automatically grab the glass and place it on the transmission line
 B.The equipment includes a glass tray for one station, waste paper for one station
 C.The glass transplanting manipulator moves the glass onto the transmission line and then grabs the glass waste paper onto the waste paper tray.
 D.The device is driven by servo motor and the pneumatic sucker is sucked to the designated station
 E.Structure: the whole machine towing and transplanting mechanism.
 F.The maximum grasping glass is 500MM. Minimum 150MM, glass tray height 150MM,100 pieces of glass total height 320MM.
                                                                  Compatible with 4mm glass, 120 pallets.      
   二、Main performance parameters of the equipment
 A .Suitable for component specification: 1580-2000mm long and 800-1000mm wide
 B.The production beat is within 45S
 C.Rated power: 6KW power   three phases  
 D.Gas source pressure (Mpa) : 0.7mpa + 0.1gas    flow: 120L/MIN
 F.Environmental requirements: 5-50 ° temperature 75% without condensation.